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I'm the Franchisee in Midrand

My name is Cherryll Southey

At our 30th school reunion my friends asked me how many children I had. Sadly, my answer was “two”.  They said that they were surprised as they always having a whole bunch of children. Through teaching, I have my beautiful children around me while I can still play in the mud all day.

I am a mother to two grown sons, a wife to Robert and grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters who live in Bahrain, too far for a quick visit. We are centrally situated in Midrand, a home where I have lived for many, many years.

After deciding to stop working in 2010 to assist my youngest son, he has Asperger’s. I had been an accountant working long hours, so being a stay-at-home mother was too much of a shock and I soon became tired of crafting and fixing our home. I looked at other options to keep busy. A friend, a nursery school owner told me about Beaux-Arts. As a friend knowing me well, she said I should explore this venture, it would not only fulfil my creativity but also allow me the opportunity to work with children, a passion I have. I followed her advice. 

Having purchased the franchise in late 2010, we began teaching in Midrand from January 2011. I have two beautiful teachers who work beside me, Martha, and Deli. Our students are convinced that they are twins, but although they are sister they are not twins. Martha and Deli have been teaching pottery for more years than I have and are extremely skilled.

My obsession with clay and ceramics have assisted me in my life. Having a child with challenges, made me aware of the benefit in the process of ceramics and creativity. It assists us with preparing students for their lives ahead. Therapy, although often needed, needs to be practiced and though the process of creating art it is continued in a fun manner. Clay is so forgiving and pliable allowing us to create a multitude of items while enjoying and enriching our children’s lives.

Why choose us?

There are three pillars that our lessons stand on:

  1. Creativity Development: With over 26 years of creativity development experience, a book written about it, and our program designed in conjunction with the President of Creativity SA, we believe we are at the forefront of this game in South Africa.
  2. Fine Motor Skills Development: The clay gives the small hand muscles a workout like nothing else, combined with correct pencil grip with the paintbrush and we’ll have your child “big school” ready in no time. Many other extramurals focus on gross motor skills, and we believe that should be used synergistically with our program. 
  3. Fun! This is probably the most important part of our lessons. Yes, we can provide lots of value to the child but it will be lost on them if they aren’t laughing, singing and making jokes during the lessons

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Esmerelda Danzfuss

My daughter LOVES her pottery class. it’s her favourite day of the week.

Below are some of the awesome creations we make!


Bee with honey



IMG-20211203-WA0032 (002)

Hand print


Selection of creations




Selection of creations

Our Team

Martha Ngwenya
Teacher Martha
Delisile Ngwenya
Teacher Delisile

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